Aquascape Inc. Warranty

If a warranty is included on your Aquascape Product, one of the icons below will be displayed on the product box.

Who issues the Aquascape warranty?

The warranty on your product is issued by Aquascape Inc. We are authorized distributors of Aquascape Inc. and if you have purchased an Aquascape product through our website or retail store we can process your warranty for you.


how to process an aquascape product warranty:

  1. Make sure your product is within the warranty date allowance on your receipt. *Your warranty covers your product from the original date of purchase and does not renew if you have already gotten a replacement product under the same warranty.
  2. Bring your product into our store, along with proof of purchase from Pro Ponds West, or ship it to us if you are out of area.
  3. We will inspect your product and ensure that it is defective.
  4. We will issue you a new product if we receive a pass from the inspections department done by our store.
  5. You can pick up your new product or have us ship it out to you.


Warranty policies:

Both shipping costs to and from our store is not covered under warranty.

Your warranty covers your product from the original date of purchase. As a courtesy, we will often give a brand-new replacement product instead of having you wait while Aquascape is repairing the defective product and sending this back to you.

We understand that your pond cannot be without your product for long periods of time. However, this brand-new replacement product is not given another warranty. You are under the same warranty and time frame as the original product.

You may return your product with proof of purchase within the time frame of your warranty. Your proof of purchase is required to validate the warranty. All items, especially pumps, will be put through a series of quality assurance tests by the Aquascape Returns Department. Credit will only be issued for items that are deemed unusable and within warranty. Product found to be in working condition will not be credited and shipping back will be at your cost. 

Replaceable or wearable parts (such as filter media, impellers, light bulbs, o-rings, etc.) are not covered under the warranty policies. Refer to the warranty statement in the installation/user guide included with the product or online at for more details.

All products listed below are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for the time listed below from the date of purchase, under normal use. The guarantee IS NOT VALID in case of improper use, negligence, lack of maintenance, or accidental damage.  All warranties are limited liability and only cover the replacement of product.  This guarantee does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above.



Molds – Lifetime (Includes Signature Series™, Classic, UltraFalls™, and Endless Cascades™)

Components – 1 year (Includes filter rack, waterfall lip, etc.)


Molds – Lifetime (Includes Signature Series™, Classic, UltraSkim™, and Pondsweep® Skimmers)

Components – 1 year (Includes weir, face plate, filter rack, debris net/basket, etc.)

Snorkel™ and Centipede™

Lifetime (Includes Large Snorkel™ and Centipede™, MicroSnorkel™ and Centipede™)

Fish Retailing System

10 year (*UV Clarifier, Ultra™ Pump, and aerator see below).Components – 1 year (Includes filter mats, filter rack, and protective net)


Lifetime (Includes Large and Small)

Downspout Filter

Lifetime (Includes Lid)

Debris Net – 1 year


AquascapePRO™ (SFA) Pumps – 2 year
Goulds Pumps – 1 year
AquaSurge™ Pumps – 3 year
AquaSurge™ PRO Pumps – 3 year
Tsurumi PN/PU/PL Pumps – 2 year
AquaForce™ Pumps – 3 year
AquaJet™ Pumps – 3 year
Ultra™ Pumps – 3 year
Cleanout Pump – 1 year
Aquascape Statuary Pumps [98466, 98467, 98468] – 2 year
Aquascape Statuary Pumps [91023, 91024, 91025, 91026] – 3 year
Booster Pump – 1 year


IonGen™ Control Panel [System Item# 98880] – 1 year
IonGen™ Control Panel [System Item# 95012] – 3 year
IonGen™ Control Panel [System Item# 95027] – 3 year


Warranty is null and void if the submersible light housing is abused, misused, or used for a purpose other than it’s intended purpose NO WARRANTY APPLIES TO THE LIGHT BULB.

2014 1-Watt LED Bullet Spotlight [#84031] – 5 years
2014 1-Watt LED Waterfall Light [#84032] – 5 years
2014 3-Watt LED Spotlight [#84033] – 5 years
2014 6-Watt LED Spotlight [#84034] – 5 years
2014 1-Watt Pond and Landscape Light Kit [#84030] – 5 years

2013/Earlier 1-Watt LED Bullet Spotlight – 1 year
2013/Earlier 1-Watt LED Waterfall Light – 1 year
2013/Earlier 3-Watt LED Spotlight – 1 year
2013/Earlier 6-Watt LED Spotlight – 1 year
2013/Earlier 1-Watt Pond and Landscape Light Kit – 1 year

LED Fountain Accent Light – 3 year
LED Core Ring Light with Transformer – 1 year

10-Watt Waterfall Light – 1 year
10-Watt Lily Pad Light -1 year
20-Watt MicroSpot Pond Light – 1 year
20-Watt Hex Head Light – 1 year
50-Watt Light – 1 year


6-Watt Transformer – 1 year
20-Watt Transformer – 1 year
60-Watt Transformer – 1 year
Manual 12 Volt Transformers (Includes 6-Watt, 20-Watt, and 60-Watt) – 1 year
60-Watt Transformer with Photocell – 1 year
150-Watt Transformer with Photocell – 1 year
300-Watt Transformer with Photocell – 1 year
Remote Photocell – 1 year
3-Way Splitter – 1 year


200-Watt Floating – 2 year
300-Watt Pond De-Icer – 3 year
1250-Watt Floating – 1 year

Liner and Underlayment

FW-402 Woven Geotextile – Free From Defect
30 mil Polyethylene Liner – 20 year
36 mil Polypropylene – 15 year
40 mil Polypropylene – 20 year
45 mil EPDM Liner – 20 year
Underlayment – Free From Defect
Rock Pad – Free From Defect


Replacement parts such as diaphragm in aerator are not covered.

Pond Air 2 [99448] – 1 year
Pond Air 4 [99449] – 1 year
Pond Air Pro 60 – 1 year
Pond Air 2 [75000] – 3 year
Pond Air 4 [75001] – 3 year

Pipe and Plumbing

Warranty is null and void in the event that the pipe and plumbing is abused, misused, or used for a purpose other than for which the product is intended.

Flex PVC – 1 year
Kink-Free Tubing – 1 year
Vinyl Tubing – 1 year
Water Meter – 1 year
Water Fill Valves – 1year

Check Valve and Plumbing Assemblies

1 year (Warranty is null and void if improper winterization is the cause)

Foam Gun

1 year (Warranty is null and void if can is not left on gun and/or gun has not been properly cleaned)

Pressure Filters (UltraKlean™)

3 years (Does not include UV light bulb)

UV Clarifiers (UltraKlear™)

3 years (Does not include UV light bulb)