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Coax out the flavors. Deliver exceptional with exceptional control.


Ludo Brings The Magic

French Chef and TV personality Ludo Lefebvre has everything he needs to entertain at his fingertips with his DCS Outdoor Kitchen, leaving more time to enjoy with family and friends.

36ʺ Series 9 Grill BE1-36RC-N
30ʺ Dual Side Burner/Grill BFGC-30BGD
30″ Access Door ADN1-20X30
36ʺ Access Drawer ADR2-36

Built-in Grills

Building on a legacy of commercial-quality appliances, DCS Grills are uncompromising in their powerful performance. Engineered to deliver the functionality and power demanded by a professional chef, DCS Grills are hand-finished to complement the quality of your premium outdoor kitchen and built to withstand the demands of the serious cook in all seasons.

Series 9 | Evolution

48" Grill Series 9, Rotisserie and Charcoal

BE1-48RC-N, BE1-48RC-L

36" Grill Series 9, Rotisserie and Charcoal

BE1-36RC-N, BE1-48RC-L

Series 7 | Herritage

48" Grill Series 7 with Rotisserie

BH1-48R-N, BH1-48R-L

36" Grill Series 7 with Rotisserie

BH1-36R-N, BH1-36R-N

48" Grill Series 7 with Rotisserie and Side Burners (12" Side Burner + 36" Grill)

BH1-48RS-N, BH1-48RS-L

30" Grill Series 7 with Rotisserie

BH1-30R-N, BH1-30R-L

30" Grill Series 7 Non Rotis


Series 7 | Liberty

30" Series 7 Double Side Burner/ Griddle


30" Series 7 All Grill


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